Outrage in Israel for Jordanian movie deemed 'denigrating'

Today, 'Farha' by director Sallam, shown in theater in Jaffa

30 November, 16:26

    TEL AVIV - A Jordanian movie that is about to be available on Netflix - "Farha", by movie director Darin J. Sallam - and that accuses Israeli soldiers of having committed war crimes in 1948 in a Palestinian village, is at the center of controversy in Israel. The initiative of an Arab theater in Jaffa (Tel Aviv) called "al-Saraya", to preview the movie today, raised controversy.

    The Minister of Culture, Hili Tropper, said he was surprised by the theater's decision to show a work that is "highly denigrating" toward Israeli soldiers. "It is a disgrace that an Israeli institution should divulge such lies" he added and asked the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman, to verify weather it is the case to block public funding to the theater in the future. It remains unknown for now if this pressure will have any effect on the screening of "al-Saraya".

    The movie was presented at the Toronto International Cinema Festival in 2021, the picture "Farha" narrates the dramatic events of a 14-year-old Palestinian, who witnesses the horrific brutality against her family during an operation of the Israeli army in her village. According to the production the story is based on true events.

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