Naples mayor wants Amsterdam-style red light district

Official sex trade control will drive organized crime out

23 August, 16:38

(ANSAMed) - NAPLES, AUGUST 23 - Creating a legal red light district similar to Amsterdam's would cut the organized crime middle man out of the sex trade and prevent the exploitation of prostitutes, Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris said on Thursday.

''It's an experimental project, which could take off soon,'' the mayor said. ''We need to circumscribe an area in which we know the sex trade takes place. The police presence will drive organized crime out.'' A potential candidate is the eastern neighborhood of Barra, which last year offered to create a so-called love park, in which couples could park their cars undisturbed.

Prostitution is not a crime, said the mayor, a former magistrate. His proposal was welcomed by the women in his administration and in some Neapolitan female leftist circles. ''I've seen red light districts in Canada, Holland and many other civilized countries,'' Marinella De Nigris, a lawyer, told Corriere del Mezzogiorno newspaper. ''I think it's a fair proposal, as long as the state upholds the rules.'' Others criticized the mayor's idea, because it smacks of a pet right-wing project, which is to revive the brothels of the past. The debate in Neapolitan society is far from over.



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