Immigration: EU Council divided over FRONTEX guidelines

Italy and Med nations against points on rescue ops and landings

15 October, 16:58

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, OCTOBER 15 - Draft recommendations for FRONTEX guidelines concerning rescue operations at sea and landings have met with disagreement from Italy, Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta and Spain. ANSA has a copy of the document, in which the nations expressed disapproval of the draft and called it ''unacceptable for practical and legal reasons''. The recommendations were made by the European Commission and are under assessment by the EU Council. In the confidential document dated October 10, the six countries say there is no need for further regulations for Articles 9 and 10 on rescue operations and landings, since there are already international maritime law conventions that deal ''amply'' with the matters.

    The text also notes that search, rescue and landings operations are considered ''competence of Member States'' at the international level. Guidelines for maritime surveillance as part of FRONTEX operations came into force in 2010 through a procedure later disputed in the EU Parliament, which had them annulled in 2012 through recourse to the Court of Justice.


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