New Regeni documents sent from Egypt

'Step forward' over torture and murder of young researcher

14 August, 19:07

    ROME - Cairo prosecutors have sent Italian prosecutors transcripts of fresh questioning of the police who carried out a probe into Giulio Regeni's death, sources said Monday.

    Rome and Cairo chief prosecutors said the handing over of the documents, which had been sought by Rome, was a "step forward" in cooperation over the torture and murder of the 28-year-old Cambridge University doctoral researcher. Last month Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi stressed to a delegation led by Senate defence committee chair Nicola Latorre Egypt's "full commitment" to finding Regeni's killers and underscored the "importance of continuing cooperation" between Egyptian and Italian prosecutors on the case. Sisi and the delegation discussed "means to reactivate political relations between the two States", referring to the current absence of an Italian ambassador in Cairo because of the Regeni case.

    The parties reviewed "developments" in the Regeni case and Sisi reaffirmed the importance of continuing "close and continuous" cooperation between Italian and Egyptian investigators. He underscored Egypt's "full commitment to work to uncover the circumstances of this incident, and the truth, to catch its authors and hand them over to justice". 

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