Patrick Zaki in preventive custody for 500 days

Amnesty Italia, authorities must intervene to end nightmare

21 June, 16:11

    (ANSAmed) - BOLOGNA, JUNE 21 - Patrick George Zaki on Monday spent his 500th day in jail in Egypt. Riccardo Noury, spokesman for Amnesty International in Italy, said "one after one, they are 500 days of injustice, of grave physical and mental suffering, of detention without trial and without the possibility of defending himself".

    "We wonder for how much longer we will have to continue to count the days before Egyptian and Italian authorities intervene to end this nightmare", added Noury.

    Zaki, an Egyptian student of the University of bologna, who has just spent his second birthday in a prison cell in Cairo, has been in preventive custody in Egypt since February 7, 2020, on charges ranging from instigation to violence to terrorism for a post on a Facebook account which his lawyers say does not belong to him. (ANSAmed)

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