Taranto show on dialogue between Etruscans and Magna Graecia

23 July, 15:55

    TARANTO - The second stop is coming in the route of exhibitions narrating the dialogue between the Etruscan world and that of Magna Graecia, through two giants of ancient Italy: the Spartan colony of Taras-Taranto and the important city of the Etruscan Dodecapolis Vatl-Vetulonia, in Tuscany.
    Following the opening at the end of June of the exhibition in Vetulonia dedicated to the Puglian "Gods of the Sea", open in the province of Grosseto through 7 November, a new exhibition was inaugurated at the MarTa national archaeological museum in Taranto, titled "Taras e Vatl: Mediterranean protagonists compared. Archeology of Vetulonia in Taranto", running through 9 January.
    The exhibition is curated by director Eva Degl'Innocenti and archaeologist official Lorenzo Mancini, in collaboration with Simona Rafanelli, director of Vetulonia's "Isidoro Falchi" civic archeological museum.
    An international convention in Taranto in November will look more thoroughly at the relationship between Taras and Vatl.
    At MarTa, in two sections, the exhibition displays the reconstruction on a 1:1 scale of the Etruscan tumulus of Poggio Pelliccia, the Taranto tomb of the child, the link between the two realities with the then-most important commercial centers in the Mediterranean (Aegean, Asia Minor).
    Also on display are some gold fibulae with a depiction of knights, bronze appliques depicting lions from the tumulus of Poggio Pelliccia, a gold parure from the necropolis of Ruvo di Puglia (Bari), funeral objects, and a majolica lion from a child burial from the area of the Military Arsenal of Taranto.

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