Art driving force behind Easter tourism in Venice

Hotel occupancy over 80% in historic center

14 April, 13:32

    VENICE - Easter festivities and large events are the driving force behind tourism in Venice.
    A survey carried out by the STR company found that occupancy rates for large hotels in the historic center of the city was over 80% for the weekend, sliding to 72% in the following 15 days with good prospects for the month of April.
    The scenario is very different from the one seen in February 2022, when the Confindustria Alberghi observatory noted an occupancy rate of 33.6%.
    The rebound in relation to the same period in 2021, was significant especially significant in Venice.
    "In the month of April, Venetian tourism saw a recovery not only in quantity, as shown by the data on reservations for our facilities, but also qualitative. The phenomenon is especially connected to the numerous initiatives planned," said the head of the tourism sector of Confindustria Venezia, Salvatore Pisani.
    "It is a matter of flows linked to culture and the desire to discover a unique art city like Venice. Look, for example, at Homo Faber, an international event on the valorisation of crafts and handmade goods, underway until May 1. The month of June will be lively with the return of Salone Nautico. Also of note is the upcoming inauguration of the Biennale d'Arte that, despite the conflict underway, will this year include a very large number of events and will attract delegations from around the entire world." On this subject, there has been an increase in airport traffic with flights from Canada (Toronto, Montreal) in the month of April and starting in May flights from the US (New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia) will incentivise the return of American tourists.
    Venice is considered one of the main art cities popular with tourists.
    Missing, instead, are tourism flows from East Asia and Russia, given the current conflict.
    "The trend," Pisani noted, "is positive. We thus trust in the consolidation of the current occupancy levels of hotel facilities, especially in view of the summer period."

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