Jordan: men attack church over killing converted girl

05 May, 12:45

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, MAY 5 - Calm has been restored in Jordan's northern city of Ajloun after a number of young Muslim men attempted break into a church over killing of a Christian girl who converted to Islam a few days earlier, police officials said Sunday.

    The young men were demanding to take body of the girl from the church to bury her in a Muslim graveyard, but police handled the situation without violence, added the official.

    "The situation in Ajloun village of Wahdana is quiet after security forces intervened and controlled the situation," a senior official from public security department told ANSA.

    The 22 year old victim, Batul, died last week after her father killed her by hitting her with a brick in the head. The father was arrested and is facing charges of manslaughter and is expected to face lengthy prison time.

    Picture of the victim spread across the social media, which garnered support for burying the girl in a Muslim graveyard, in line with Islamic tradition.

    The incident took place in the village of Wahdana in city of Ajloun, where a minority of Christians live.

    Jordan is predominantly a Muslim country, but there is five percent Christian population residing in the northern city of Ajloun, in Salt, Madaba and Kerak.

    Authorities are attempting to keep a tight lid on the issue amid concern the incident could provoke friction between Muslims and Christians in the country.(ANSAmed).

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