Kosovo: Vucic asks EU to say if Brussels Agreement exists

Serbian president poses condition for continued dialogue

21 September, 16:57

    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, SEPT 21 - Serbia is asking the European Union to state clearly within a month whether the 2013 Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina still exists, and a silence on the part of the EU will mean that it no longer exists, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

    Speaking to journalists at the end of a meeting of the National Security Council, which examined the situation of new tensions following the events that took place Monday in Kosovo with the imposition of temporary license plates for cars coming in from Serbia, Vucic said the EU's response will be one of the conditions for continuing the dialogue with Pristina.

    "We will ask EU representatives for an urgent response on the existence of the Brussels Agreement, on when the Community of Serb Municipalities will be formed in Kosovo, and we will ask that the response come within a month," Vucic said.

    "Their silence will mean that the Brussels Agreement doesn't exist any longer and that they don't want the creation of a Community of Serb Municipalities," he said.

    He emphasised that the creation of the Community is the very heart of the 2013 Agreement, of which the EU is guarantor.

    He said another condition for the continuation of the dialogue is the withdrawal of all armed forces from northern Kosovo.

    "We are asking for a return to the previous situation, and only after that will we go to Brussels" for talks, Vucic said.

    He was referring to the sending on Monday to northern Kosovo, which is majority Serbian, hundreds of armed Kosovar special police (Rosu) officers supported by armoured vehicles to verify the implementation of new measures on the mandatory change of license plates for vehicles coming in from Serbia.

    Vucic said Belgrade is asking the EU, the US and Great Britain to put pressure on Pristina to annul the conviction of Serbian politician Ivan Todosjevic, who was sentenced in recent weeks to two years in prison for his denial of a Serbian-orchestrated massacre believed in 1999 to be the origin for NATO air campaign against Serbia.

    He said the sentence was given in open violation of the Brussels Agreement, based upon which the Court must be formed by two judges of Serbian ethnicity and one Albanian.

    Vucic and the rest of the Serbian governing class believe Todosjevic was convicted because he told the truth about the Raska massacre.

    Vucic then went back to harshly criticising the EU for its continuous appeals to "both sides", Pristina and Belgrade, to show moderation and responsibility, when it believes the only ones responsible for the situation are Pristina officials and their defiant actions.(ANSAmed).

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