Broad coalition against Islamic State at Jeddah summit 11/9

US and allies; Saudi Arabia to build fence along Iraqi border

09 September, 19:19

    Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faysal (R) attends a recent  Arab League  meeting in Cairo. Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faysal (R) attends a recent Arab League meeting in Cairo.

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - A summit will be held on Thursday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between the US and its Arab nation allies to broaden a coalition against the jihadist Islamic State (IS) group fighting in Iraq and Syria.
    The announcement was made by the state-run Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday.

    Participants will include Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members: in addition to Saudi Arabia, there will be Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. US Secretary of State John Kerry will be attending. Kerry will be in Amman on Wednesday as part of a regional tour to build a US-led international alliance against IS jihadists as part of a three-phase plan announced by President Obama that is expected to take at least three years. For the implementation of the plan, which has already begun with US airstrikes on jihadist positions in Iraq, the US is counting on the assistance not only of NATO and Gulf allies but also other countries - such as Jordan, Egypt, and (indirectly) Iran, which is already helping Iraqi Kurdish forces.

    King Abdullah II of Jordan, who on Tuesday welcomed Turkey's foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, underscored the need for an international coalition against IS. ''The challenges in the region require efforts at the regional and international level,'' he said in a statement, ''in order to fight against terrorist groups.'' The King of Jordan reiterated the international community's request to support states bordering Syria, which are struggling to deal with the high flow of refugees fleeing the ongoing violence.

    In a recent summit in Cairo, Arab League nations reached an agreement to jointly fight IS jihadists. The summit on Thursday will be hosted by Saudi Arabia, which feel especially threatened by IS due to its 900 km border with Iraq. Out of concern of possible infiltration by jihadists, the king has announced the building of a five-layer border fence with the use of infrared, fiber optics, radar and dozens of observation posts. There will also be thousands of soldiers deployed on the ground to stop and question all suspects - including those suspected of other illicit activities - stopped at the border. (ANSAmed).


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