Syria: media, 'Kurdish authorities offer oil to Israel'

Says Lebanese pro-Hezbollah daily Akhbar

15 July, 13:11

    BEIRUT - Lebanese newspaper al Akhbar, close to the pro-Iranian Hezbollah, said US-backed Kurdish-Syrian authorities opened channels with an Israeli entrepreneur for the "sale of Syrian oil to Israel". The newspaper said it learned about a letter signed by a high-level Kurdish-Syrian official and addressed to Moti Kahana, an Israeli businessman who has publicly supported anti-Damascus and anti-Iranian Syrian opposition members.

    In the letter, quoted by al Akhbar and whose content "needs to be confirmed", the newspaper said, Kurdish-Syrian authorities reportedly state that they are willing to increase crude oil production to sell it to Israel. Kahana manages NGO Amaliah, which on its website has publicized the opening of an office in Qamishli, one of the main cities of the Kurdish-Syrian area where US soldiers from the American contingent in north-eastern Syria are present.

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