ISIS militants seize power station near Libyan city of Sirte

UN special envoy says unity government accord in Libya distant

09 June, 15:48

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JUNE 9 - Militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) seized control of a power station west of the Libyan city Sirte after heavy fighting with Libyan militias from Misrata, ISIS militants announced Tuesday. The news was confirmed by Libyan media, citing Misrata militia sources. A message posted on the internet by Welayet Tripoli - or the "Islamic State" of Tripoli - states that "the soldiers of the Caliphate stormed the steam-powered central (electric) station that the atheists of Fajr Libya occupy west of Sirte." Fajr Libya refers to the Islamic militias that control Tripoli.

    "With all our weapons, the central station is completely under control, thanks to God and his power. Even the city of Sirte is totally liberated, thanks to God," the message said. Sirte is an important port city on the Libyan coast. Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Libya Bernadino Leon said, "More time is needed to continue contact with all the parties to reach an unanimous accord" regarding negotiations for the formation of a national unity government. "I have a hope, perhaps optimism," said Leon.

    "Perhaps we will be able to join the ranks, but we must be vigilant". The UN mediator on Monday presented a fourth draft agreement to the parties that is being poorly received by the Islamic militias of Libya Fajr coalition, which currently control Tripoli and has influence in the parliament of Tobruk.


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