Gay rights 'tutorial' goes viral in Morocco

What to do in the event of arrest, Aswat says

15 December, 19:34

    RABAT - An animated video explaining the rights of homosexuals in the event of arrest has clocked up nearly 30,000 visualizations in Morocco in less than 24 hours, it emerged on Thursday.

    The film was posted to Facebook by the collective Aswat. Moroccan police often arrest alleged homosexuals on the basis of reports, as in the controversial case of two teenage girls who were arrested for kissing and then acquitted of homosexuality charges.

    Most recently, a chamber maid reported finding two men in bed together in a hotel in Marrakech.

    They now face up to three years in jail under article 489 of the Moroccan criminal code, which makes homosexuality a crime. The UN commission on human rights has repeatedly called on Morocco to decriminalise homosexuality and civil society has also protested to this effect.

    However, so far the government has failed to respond.

    Aswat registered 19 arrests in Casablanca for alleged homosexuality in the first three months of 2016.

    However, the figures are incomplete as not everyone who is arrested turns to human rights associations for help. 

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