Cinema: 'Il ladro di spezie', a film on fear of Arab world

The 'thief of spices', filmed in Marrakech against prejudice

23 October, 14:27

    (ANSAmed) - RABAT, OCTOBER 23 - The film 'Il ladro di spezie' (the thief of spices) directed by Elia Bei, and co-written with Alessandro Lui, vies to fight fear, making it ridiculous.

    The trailer is online on social media ahead of the release of the short film produced by Alea in cooperation with 8 Production. ''The film started out as a sort of game, in the attempt to talk about prejudice towards a little-known culture'', explained Bei.

    The idea to make the film came during a trip to Marrakech, where Alessandro Lui's sister lives and works. Friends and family wondered how prejudice is experienced while living in an Arab culture and how those who are judged react The movie, said Lui, who is also the protagonist, ''is our way of playing with very serious issues and, most of all, of discovering the beauty of Morocco through images of the city of Marrakech''. The storyline talks about a misunderstanding that ends in laughter.

    A young Italian tourist, who has just arrived in Morocco, is warned about the dangers posed by the Muslim world: the folly of terrorism, the risk of attacks and cultural ''diversity''. The protagonist becomes extremely anxious and flees and has a ''misunderstanding'' with a spice seller. (ANSAmed).

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