Morocco, King Mohammed VI pardons 979 people

To mark Eid Al Adha, Festival of Sacrifice

11 July, 15:46

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 11 - To mark Eid Al Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, King Mohammed VI of Morocco granted royal pardon to 979, including detainees and defendants who were convicted in absentia. For nine of them, the conviction was scrapped, 818 others were freed from prison, while seven who were serving a life term saw their sentence reduced, the justice ministry said.

    Out of the 134 on the loose, 21 people saw their jail term scrapped, while seven obtained a pardon from detention but will continue to pay fines. A total of 104 people had the fines they were supposed to pay cancelled, while two were exempted both from fines and prison. The pardon included 11 who were convicted on terrorism and extremism charges, who proved they did not hold extremist views anymore and were deemed ready to be integrated back into society. Of these detainees under special regime, three were pardoned for the rest of their jail term, five were released from jail and exempted from fines, while a detainee serving a life sentence had his term reduced.(ANSAmed).

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