Gulf: Oman introduces figure of crown prince

Decree by sultan Haytham to 'stabilize' power

11 January, 17:30

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, JANUARY 11 - For the first time in history Oman, a rich emirate of the Gulf, will have a crown prince, an institutional and political figure ready to replace the sultan, as already occurs in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to local media. Sultan Haytham announced on Monday, with a decree, the historic decision with the objective of ensuring a more ''stable'' system of transition.

    The current sultan replaced his cousin Qabus who died in January 2020, after 50 years in power. The fact that the elderly sultan, without a son or brother, did not have a designated successor, sparked concern on the stability of a country at a crossroads of global energy interests between the Indian Ocean and the Gulf.

    Oman's current constitution provides for the royal family to choose a successor within three days of a vacancy. If the family does not agree on a name, the person previously chosen by the sultan, indicated in a letter addressed to the royal family, must succeed him. Also, according to the constitution, the sultan needs to be a member of the royal family, ''Muslim, adult, rational and a legitimate son of Muslim parents from Oman''. (ANSA).

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