Environment: Polluted Qatar to host UN climate conference

Emirate has record CO2 emissions, investing in long-term action

25 October, 14:34

(ANSAmed) - Doha, October 25 - Qatar, the country holding the world record for CO2 emissions pro-capita, will host in November the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18). According to the latest report on 'Indicators of sustainable development 2011' by Qatar's statistics' authority, the Emirate has registered a 27% annual increase of damaging substances for the ozone, 9.3% of nitrogen oxides and 3.6% of carbon dioxide.

Particulate air pollution is also increasing in Doha: in 2007 there were 128.7 micrograms per square metre while in 2010 their number had increased to 155.7.

Observers believe the cause is the rising number of cars which has doubled in the last decade from the 287.500 cars registered in 2000 to 656.686 in 2010. Gas and hydrocarbon extraction is considered by many the main cause of pollution in the country, which has the third largest gas reserve worldwide after Russia and Iran.

Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, director of the authority in charge of administrative control and transparency in Qatar and president of COP 18, has said that hosting the UN conference in Qatar is an occasion for Qatar to show its progress in protecting the environment.

According to Doha daily Gulf Times, over 17,000 people from 195 country will travel to Doha for the event, which will be an opportunity for the Emirate to publicize its long-term strategy.



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