New government by end of September in Serbia

Political continuity guaranteed by a Sns-Sps coalition

29 August, 17:30

    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, AUGUST 29 - The Serbian outgoing Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, running for a third consecutive mandate, said her new government team will be ready by end of September.

    Speaking today on national TV, Rts, Brnabic- who is a member of the conservative party Sns of president Aleksandar Vucic, reiterated the 'continuity' the new executive will have. It was added, that the determining factors will not be the names and functions of its representatives, but rather the results they will achieve. The aim is to continue on the path of fiscal responsibility and public balance sheets, economic stability, and creating an environment which is attractive and favors investments. This means a continuous increase of salaries and pensions. Significant and large public infrastructure works will take precedence- highways, trains and roads- while promoting the environment, digitalization and migration-related issues.

    The three main tasks of the new government, said the Prime Minister, will be the maintenance of peace and stability in Serbia and the rest of the region, the key issue of Kosovo and the energy crisis. The government has stated it will have three vice premieres- the outgoing Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, Novi Mayor, Sad Milos Vucevic (both from Sns) and Ivica Dacic, leader of the Socialist Party (sps) and former head of Parliament. All three will hold ministerial responsibilities. By this, Brnabic, has confirmed its coalition agreement between Sns and Sps, with the participation minority parties who traditionally support Vucic and his party.

    No doubt remains on the vote of confidence in Parliament, which should just be a formality as the Sns votes- the big winner of the 3 April elections, with 120 seats over 250- will be added to those of Sps, with 31 parliamentarians. (ANSAmed).

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