Violence against migrants rising on Serbia-Hungary border, NGO

'Police shaved Moroccan's hair in shape of a cross'

08 September, 12:10

    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 8 - The Hungarian authorities are reportedly using ever harsher methods against migrants and refugees that are trying to enter the country via the Serbian border, according to the NGO KlikAktiv - Center for Development of Social Policies.

    In a Facebook post, the NGO stated that it had collected accounts of migrants in recent days that had been targeted by "rubber bullets" and removed from the 'wall' along the border "with jeeps, as if we were toys", as well as people who had been "dragged by their legs" and others "stripped entirely nude before being forced to return to Serbia".

    The NGO also posted the case of one man from Morocco stopped by the Hungarian border police along with others. After being beaten, the border police allegedly found an electric shaver among his belongings and shaved his head in the shape of a cross prior to sending him back to Serbia.

    "They turned the shaver on, pinned me down, and shaved a cross" into his hair, the migrant was quoted by the NGO as saying. It posted a photo of the man to corroborate the accusation.

    "Unfortunately, the inhumane and degrading treatment of refugees has become common at the EU's external borders and this case is no exception," the NGO told ANSA. "The same practice has been used in the past along the Croatian-Bosnia border when the Croatian police painted crosses onto the heads of refugees using red paint." (ANSAmed).

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