Extreme right wing denounces PM for Europride parade in Belgrade

PM charged for going against administrative tribunal decision

19 September, 17:40

    BELGRADE - The ultra right-wing movement in Serbia called 'Dveri' today presented a formal penal complaint against prime minister Aba Brnabic. The charges hold her responsible for authorizing the Europride parade, last Saturday in Belgrade. This, according to the charge, is a violation of the court order issued by the administrative tribunal. The vice-president of the 'Dveri' party, Radmila Vesic, states that the prime minister violated "the Constitution, the laws, the decisions of national institutions, the will of the majority of the population and the position of the Serbian orthodox church", thereby becoming culpable of abuse of office.

    In the context of an extremely confused and uncertain situation, last Saturday prime minister Brnabic - a declared lesbian - despite the ban issued by the minister of Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, and of the negative response of the administrative tribunal to the appeal presented by the organizers, authorized the Europride parade. The parade took place with massive police present along the shortened and modified parade path when compared to the one originally proposed by the organization.

    Speaking to journalists, Vasic said that it was 'a capitulation of the state' under the pressure of foreign authorities and ambassadors. It was the case, she affirmed, of an unacceptable foreign interference in internal Serbian affairs, thereby the behavior of EU diplomatic representatives and the US ambassador to Belgrade, Christopher Hill reflected such interference.

    The last assessment provided by the minister of Interior Vulin on the clashes that took place during the Europride is of 13 wounded police and 87 persons apprehended. "The decision not to to allow the parade was applied, they only marched for approximately 150 meters, from the Constitutional court up to Tasmajdan park", stated the minister.

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