FVG-Austria shared education for economic cooperation

But dedicated European funding is needed.

27 July, 20:13

    (ANSA) - UDINE, 27 LUG - There can be no joint economic cross-border planning if there is not also shared planning dedicated to education, beginning with the university level.

    This fundamental concept emerged from the economic-cultural forum organized by the Mitteleuropa Association as part of the Mittelfest festival in Cividale del Friuli. After Slovenia in 2021, this year's summit was dedicated to Austria, focusing on the theme "FVG and Austria: a future to share." The first panel featured members of the Austrian Parliament, Erwin Angerer, Philip Kucher, and Christian Ragger, who emphasized youth training and economic relations, respectively. Ragger then brought an example of border logistics innovation recently presented by Italy to move goods with drones up to 120 kg: based on that Italian model, Austria will work on a similar system ready to revolutionize the trade between the two countries.

    The second panel focused on border universities. Participants included Roberto Pinton, Dean of the University of Udine; Bostjan Golob, Dean of the University of Nova Gorica; and Valter Sergo, Vice-Rector of the University of Trieste. Golob explained that a completely new and revolutionary way of doing education is needed, aiming at creating a European University while being careful not to standardize the university systems of individual countries. "If we succeeded in creating a cross-border European University," underlined Mitteleuropa Association President Petiziol, "we could become an actual European model, replicable in different cross-border areas. Projects such as these, the panelists stressed, however, need economic support from the European Union, which should make specific funding available.

    Elena D'Orlando, Head of the Department of Legal Sciences at the University of Udine and others attended the last panel. The conference delved into cross-border taxation, which could be an opportunity to overcome borders and build genuine cooperation that is convenient for all countries. (ANSA).

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