Spain: anti-independence demonstrators protest in Barcelona

12 October, 18:52

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, OCTOBER 12 - Thousands of people demonstrated today in Barcelona's downtown square, Plaza Catalunya, to mark the national holiday - October 12 - under the anti-independence slogan, ''Catalonia is all of us''. Organized by the Spain and Catalonia Civic Movement as a counterpoint to the National Day of Catalonia - which last September attracted 1.5 million people to Barcelona's streets - Friday's demonstration mobilized about 6000 people from Valencia, Aragon, Madrid and other Spanish cities, according to police.

    Demonstrators included politicians of the center-right People's Party, with Catalan leader Alicia Sanchez Camacho and constitutional parties like Ciutadans, as well as many families.

    The parade unfolded in a festive atmosphere with many Spanish and Catalan flags, and a few European Union flags.

    The symbol of the movement is a heart broken in two, with a Spanish flag in one half and a Catalan flag in the other. It is the first time that Barcellona has had an anti-independence demonstration on the Spanish national holiday.

    Regional police deployed 800 officers to keep public order.


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