Crisis: jobless Spaniards emigrating to Germany, UK

At least 176,000 pulled up stakes in five years

13 May, 15:41

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID, MAY 13 - At least 176,000 Spaniards aged 35-44 have emigrated in the past five years from their unemployment-ridden country in search of a better life elsewhere, mostly to Germany and the UK, according to data released Monday by National Statistics Institute INE. In 2012, at least 29,910 Spaniards moved to Germany - a 45% jump over the previous year. With 6% unemployment, Germany is a favorite destination for many emigrants from Spain, where the jobless rate this year hit 26.3%. Spain had the most emigrants to Germany, followed by Italy (12,000), Greece (10,000) and Portugal (4,000). Another 6,000 Spaniards chose the UK, where their number has risen by 30,000 over the past five years. Other favorite destinations are France (4,077), Ecuador (3,398) and the US (3,287), according to INE.

    The real number could be a lot higher, as many Spaniards maintained their official residence in Spain but have emigrated in actuality, analysts said.

    Either way this is not a mass phenomenon, as many Spaniards stay home who would otherwise emigrate because the economic crisis is abroad as well, according Sociological Research Council (CSIC) expert Amparo Gonzales. The official number of unemployed in Spain is 4,989,193, but there could be another million people out of a job who can't be counted because they haven't signed on for unemployment benefits, according to INE.

    In terms of unemployment, Spain is second in the EU-27 behind Greece (26,4%) and against the European average of (10.9%). Youth unemployment has tripled since the crisis began, from 18.2% in 2007 to 53.2% in 2013, against the EU average of 15.7% to 22.8%. (ANSAmed).

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