Crisis: Malnourished children in Spanish schools

06 June, 17:45

    (ANSAmed) - Madrid, June 6 - Catalonia, once the industrial powerhouse of Spain, is feeling the impact of the economic crisis with cuts to education and school canteens.

    Malnourished children have become such a reality in Catalan schools that the Barcelona council last December ordered an inquiry into 500 public and recognised schools to determine the extent of the problem.

    According to the inquiry's findings released today, at least 2,865 students - or 1.7% of the school population - were undernourished.

    "In the last two years we have had serious cases with one child fainting in the classroom and on two other occasions we had to call an ambulance due to the malnutrition of other students," Francesc Freixanet, director of a public school in the popular area of Les Roquetas told the daily El Pais.

    Children who have difficulties with concentration or stomach pains due to food deficiencies in some cases are forced to scrounge snacks from friends because their families cannot make up for the cuts in school canteens.(ANSAmed).

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