Madrid defends Rajoy expulsions in Strasbourg court

Sanchez government moves ahead on previous appeal

13 August, 16:49

    MADRID - The socialist government of Pedro Sanchez has decided to move forward on the appeal made by the Popular government of former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy against the conviction for immediate expulsion at the Melilla border, which was decided by the European Court of Human Rights in 2014.
    The news was reported by El Pais, citing the appeal by the Spanish Attorney General's Office.
    The Spanish daily said the Justice Ministry has continued to insist this week that the government intends to end this type of repatriation, although it won't be by simply doing away with them but rather awaiting the judicial picture that emerges after the Strasbourg court's ruling, which is expected September 5.
    The case convicted Spain in a lawsuit brought to the Court of Human Rights by various NGOs over the expulsion of two migrants - N.D., of Morocco; and N.T., of Mali - who entered the Spanish enclave of Melilla after having climbed the border wall there. They were arrested by Spanish Civil Guard agents and then immediately brought back to Moroccan territory. In October 2017, the Strasbourg court said that Spanish authorities violated the European Convention on Human Rights. It ruled that Spain must compensate the migrants with 5,000 euros each.

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