Syria: SNC repeats, no dialogue with Assad regime

''Talks only to discuss timeframe and means to end his rule''

15 May, 14:35

(ANSAmed) - ROME, MAY 15 - The Syrian National Council (SNC) has repeated ''in clear and determined way'' that there will be ''no dialogue with the regime of Bashar Al Assad''. The SNC was reacting at the end of a meeting held in Rome in recent days, which saw the current president of the organisation, Burhan Ghalioun, re-elected. Members of the SNC informed ANSA of their stance at the end of the talks.

''As far as we are concerned there will be no dialogue, only talks aimed at ending Assad's power,'' said Abdulrahman Alhaj, a member of the SNC's general secretary's office and, from next month, of the organisation's executive committee. ''We will sit at the table only to discuss how and when Assad's regime will stand aside''.

Asked about the ''differing positions'' within the SNC, Alhaj admitted that there are ''differences of opinion'' between the new currents of Syrian opposition - including secular factions - and traditional parties, and explained that the SNC will now have to ''look for a more inclusive political vision''. However, he added, the SNC is fundamentally ''united'' against the Damascus regime.

At the end of the talks, George Sabra, Ghalioun's main opponent in today's vote, repeated the Council's ''complete unity'' against the current Syrian government. (ANSAmed).