Syrian regime rockets kill at least 2 in Lebanon

Hezbollah commander in Homs area 'to defend Shias'

15 April, 20:23

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 15 - A 15-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man have been killed and six others injured - some critically - by rockets shot from Syrian territory. Local media reported Monday morning that at least two of the rockets shot from the Syrian border region of Homs had fallen in Qasr and Hawsh Al-Sayyid Ali in the upper part of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

    For the past few days, Assad's army along with Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and other militias have been laying siege to the town of Qusayr, which supports rebel forces, from the Syrian region south-west of Homs.

    Interviewed by the Associated Press as part of a reportage on the Syrian-Lebanese border area, a commander of Hezbollah fighters in Syria said that ''we are here to defend our people and the village. We do not attack anyone''.

    Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah has admitted the involvement of Shia militants in the Syrian conflict, but had said that the fighters were there on their own initiative and not on behalf of the party. The Hezbollah militants in Syria, Nasrallah added, are originally from the area south-west of Homs, where the Shia community with family ties to those of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley live. One of the most violent battles in the area took place on Thursday, when the Syrian army took over Tal Al-Nabi Mindo near the Lebanese border.

    The British government has meanwhile already sent five armored vehicles and 20 bulletproof vests for rebel fighters to Syria as part of a non-lethal 'aid package' recently announced by London, said British Foreign Minister William Hague on Monday. London, he said, does not intend to send weapons to the rebels. However, it and France both support lifting the EU arms embargo, an issue due to be discussed again in May.

    Syrian government forces are now on the counter-offensive in the northern province of Idlib, where they are fighting to regain control of the strategic highway linking Damascus and Aleppo. (ANSAmed).

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