Russia conducting heavy bombing west of Aleppo in Syria

Shortly after meeting in Moscow between Putin and Assad

14 September, 14:44

    BEIRUT - A few hours after a meeting in Moscow between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Syrian counterpart Bashar al Assad, the Russian airforce used air-to-ground missiles to target anti-government forces in the Aleppo region, hitting districts included in a 2020 truce reached between Russia and Turkey.
    Reports were from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
    The area hit by Russian airstrikes was Daret Izza, west of the regional capital of Aleppo but in the same region and out of government control.
    The area is under de facto Turkish influence but is in the hands of armed opposition groups.
    Russia and Turkey have for years had competing areas of influence in northwestern Syria. Syrian and Russian government attacks have stepped up in recent days after positions held by armed forces between Idlib and Aleppo. 

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