Shipwreck off Syrian coast, 81 dead bodies, dozens missing

Children among the victims. Ship came from northern Lebanon

23 September, 14:03

    Naufragio migranti, 53 i corpi recuperati al largo Siria Naufragio migranti, 53 i corpi recuperati al largo Siria

    BEIRUT - A ship sailing from northern Lebanon sunk at sea yesterday off the coasts of Syria. Until now the bodies of 81 people were found, but the estimate is that there were between 100 to 150 people on board. The temporary figure was provided by the government in Beirut, as reported by Lebanese media, and by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) NGO. The NGO cites witness accounts by some of the survivors. Other sources mention 62 dead bodies found at sea.

    The first concerned 15 bodies which took place yesterday afternoon off the coasts of the Syrian port of Tartus, Syria, not far from the Lebanese border.

    Last April, more than 30 persons, among them women and children, drowned off the costs of northern Lebanon while the ship they were traveling on was rammed by a Lebanese coast patrol boat. The majority of the victims of this most recent shipwreck off the port of Tartus came from northern Lebanon - the country is facing one of its worst ever socio-economic crisis - they came from the port city of Tripoli and the region of Akkar, as reported by Lebanese media outlets.

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