Tunisia: Salafists want Medieval Islam, Ennahda cofounder

Our program is 21st century, the West must accept us

05 March, 18:39

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, MARCH 5 - Tunisian Salafists want to impose a Medieval vision of Islam, Ennahda party co-founder and vice president Abdelfattah Mourou told participants at a conference on religion and democracy here on Tuesday.

    ''I do not look kindly on people who are to our right.

    People who do not understand Islam or the situation of the country, who follow 10th and 12th century versions of Islam, trying to apply them today,'' Mourou told the ''Religion and democracy in the Arab world and in Europe'' conference organized by the lay Rome-based Community of Sant'Egidio movement.

    ''Salafists do not take into account the changes that have taken place in Muslim society,'' Mourou explained, adding he was ''attacked and wounded twice'' by Salafist factions.

    Tunisia ''has a big problem'' with these fringe movements, said Mourou, who is also a political scientist and a jurist.

    Ennahda's ''social, economic, and political programs can be applied in the century in which we live. For us Islam is a principle that is applicable today, and that gives us the chance to be free and democratic,'' Mourou went on. ''The West must not posit itself as our protector. It must understand that the people choose their own fate, and they must answer to the people. The West must accept Islamist movements. And anyway, Western countries supported our former dictator for years.'' (ANSAmed).

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