Ramadan and TV series: Tunisian Desperate Housewives awaited

Broadcast in second half od Ramadan 'Hkeyettes Tounsia'

16 June, 14:16

    A Tv series shot in Tunisia A Tv series shot in Tunisia

     - TUNIS - Almost inexistent during the year, Tunisia's cinema production for the large and small screen has resumed its activity and found new splendor during the holy month of Ramadan, when families gather to break the fast and watch television programs presented by broadcasters as the best of the season. These series often enable viewers to understand the vices and virtues of Tunisian society much more than by analyzing reality. Of particular interest is a production to be broadcast by El Hiwar Ettounsi in the second half of the month of Ramadan called ''Hkeyettes Tounsia'' (Tunisian chronicles) focusing on the story of four emancipated women, who are independent and belong to well-off classes - a sort of Tunisian version of Desperate Housewives. They are Shams, Ines, Sabrine and Line. The first has been married for very little, the second is single, the third is divorced and the latter is a young Tunisian Jew who is in love with the son of the president of an important political party.

    The series tells the story of these women without taboos, rejecting stereotypes and idealization of Tunisian women in society, showing the public instead an unfiltered image of Tunisian women in their daily lives.

    The storyline sees the protagonists filmed by a young documentarist called Hasan, who is making a documentary on women. When Hassan talks to a young woman, Hela, victim of blackmail behind which is a political party, the fiction becomes an occasion to highlight the political interference in social relations affected by intrigue. ''Tunisian chronicles'' focuses on Tunisia's haute bourgeoisie but is an interesting experiment to understand some aspects of society that would be otherwise hard to comprehend.

    It highlights how much greed can affect human relations and does so with a glamorous and mean tone, very much in the style of desperate Housewives, as declared by the filmmaker who has used among the most beautiful actors in Tunisia including Neji Belhassen, Marwan Ariane, Meriem Ben Mami, Maram Ben aziza, Meriem Ben Hassine and new faces like Meriem Ben Moulehom.

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