Tunisia: first festival against gender discrimination starts

Screenings, debates, theater at Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival

12 January, 12:18

    TUNIS - The 'Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival', the first festival dedicated to gender identity across the Middle Eastern area will be held at the El Theater in Tunis on January 15-18. Organized by the film club of Tunisian association Mawjoudin (we exist), with the support of German foundation Hirschfeld-Eddy-Stiftung, the festival is highly symbolic given that in Tunisia the rights of the LGBT community are not respected yet and that homosexuality is considered a crime.
    Members of the Mawjoudin association, which was created in 2014 to fight gender and sexual orientation discrimination, the initiative is aimed at creating a climate of tolerance and respect of differences.
    Tunisian, Arab and African films will be screened. Concerts, debates, plays and exhibits are also on the agenda. The opening ceremony will be held at the Institut franais de Tunisie (Ift) with the screening of the documentary 'Beyond the shade' by Nadia Mezni Hfaedh, who received a bronze Tanit prize at the Film days of Carthage in 2017 (Jcc 2017). The festival will provide an occasion to the association Mawjoudin to present its 2018 campaign ''under the shape of cartoons and stickers that will talk about sexual abuse in relation to the expression of gender and sexual identity in schools as well as the discrimination endured by youths in forced marriages''.

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