'Kerkennah 01' festival of photography and digital arts

June 21-27, opportunity to discover Tunisian archipelago

11 June, 18:05

    TUNIS - Tunisia's Kerhennah islands are to host Kerkennah 01, the first festival in the north African country devoted to photography, video and digital arts. The festival, which runs from June 21-27, intends to "encourage the emergence of a photographic scene involving Tunisian artists by opting to abandon the traditional channels. Kerkennah 01 aims to become a platform for exchange, development and introduction to photography in north Africa and to create infrastructure for the local population, sensitising public opinion and politicians to the cultural, tourist, economic and educational potential of the Kerkennah islands. Participants include numerous international guests in order to promote a global network of artists. Tickets to the festival take the form of a passport in order to "give the idea of being on a journey of discovery". The main European cultural institutes present in Tunisia are all taking part. The Kerkennah islands are located 17.9 km from Sfax and just 120 km from Lampedusa. The archipelago is made up of two main islands, Gharbi (Mellita) and Chergui (Great Kerkennah) and 12 islets.
    The population is currently in the region of 15,000 and lives on tourism and fishing.
    In summer the number of people on the islands can grow to up to 150,000 people. 

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