Yaalon says Hamas has terrorism command-centre in Istanbul

Israeli Defence Minister also criticizes Turkey

22 October, 14:25

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, OCT 22 - "Hamas has two terrorist command centres: one in Gaza and one in Istanbul" said Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon during a visit to the United States. "Hamas transferred its terrorist command from Damascus to Istanbul, in Turkey, a Nato country, where it is represented - Yaalon added - by Saleh Aruri who has organised terrorist activities against Israel and has also tried to foment an uprising against Pna President Abu Mazen in the West Bank". Yaalon, who during his visit to the US, also met with Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, criticized Turkey because it "leads the Muslim Brotherhood axis" in the Middle East, "plays a cynical game" and "supports Hamas together with Qatar". In a series of interviews Yaalon recognised the US 's support for Israel and while admitting there had been "differences of opinion" during the recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza, he stressed that those differences "had never cast a shadow on their relation and on the deep friendship between the two countries".(ANSAmed).

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