Tourism: Mediterranean islands together to revive sailing

Web platform for supply-demand meeting and pilot schemes

22 February, 18:09

    (ANSAmed) - ORISTANO, FEBRUARY 22 - The Innonautics Project, a scheme common to the islands of the Mediterranean, aims to facilitate the development of sailing tourism and direct meetings between the business sector and potential users. The scheme has been analysed today during a meeting of the technical committee in Oristano. Representatives of the nine European partners were around the table, which featured the Chambers of Commerce of Cagliari, Mallorca, Heraklion and Bastia, the regional government of the Balearic Islands, the Observatory for Tourism on Mediterranean Islands, the association of Chambers of Commerce in the Greek islands (EOAEN) and Insuleur, the network of island Chambers of Commerce in the European Union.

    The Innonautics programme, which was launched around a year and a half ago, is now close to a conclusion. The web platform allowing entrepreneurs and users to meet has already been activated, and each partner contributed by presenting a pilot scheme. These range from archaeological trips to nature journeys and the training of operators. The hosts of the meeting, the Chamber of Commerce of Oristano, want to combine nature and archaeology in a scheme called "Tourism and underwater archaeology", no co-incidence considering that the Gulf of Oristano is an internationally significant site, both archaeologically and from an environmental perspective.

    The project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the high institute of underwater archaeology, which is based in Oristano, is already up and running, and has three areas of intervention. The first concerns the identification of underwater routes that allow the tourist to enjoy submerged archaeological treasures, while the other two are geared towards providing a quality brand for diving companies and the creation of two tourist packages linked to water sports and archaeological tourism, which will hit the market in the coming weeks. The web platform, which by next June will feature around 850 companies involved in the programme, is already operational. (ANSAmed).

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