Yemen: Oxfam calls on Italy to increase humanitarian aid

'Only 5 million allocated for 2021, government must act'

02 March, 16:58

    ROME - Oxfam is calling on Italy to increase its funding for the humanitarian emergency in Yemen, it said in a statement. It said Italy is in 19th place as a donor country, with only five million euros allocated in 2021, less than all other G7 countries.
    "The Italian government confirms last year's commitment, not taking into account parliament's request to do more," said Paolo Pezzati, Oxfam Italia policy advisor for humanitarian emergencies.
    "It is a truly low amount if compared to what other G7 countries have allocated: over 200 million euros from Germany, 159 from the United States, 102 from Great Britain, 46 from Canada, 40 from Japan, 11 from France. Italy places after all the Scandinavian countries, on equal footing with Belgium and Ireland. Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Sereni has just been sworn in, but we are turning directly to her for a verification of the availability of more funds, as requested by parliament in December. At the same time, we are asking her to lead a serious and structured change to put Yemen at the centre of the Italian foreign policy agenda".
    Oxfam recalled that the UN is disappointed for the overall contribution of all donors. "The 1.4 billion euros committed yesterday make up only 43.75% of the 3.21 billion euros requested to help two-thirds of the population of Yemen, which at this moment is on its last legs," Pezzati said.
    "An entire population is without food, medicine, clean water, and with only half of healthcare facilities working is facing the deadly combination of the impact of Covid-19, of the worst cholera epidemic ever, and of the war that has already forced four million people to abandon their homes". 

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