Libya's Tobruk govt asks Egypt to intervene militarily

'To protect national security in both countries'

14 July, 17:18

    TUNIS - The Tobruk-based government in eastern Libya issued a statement Monday evening on its website saying that the Egyptian military could intervene militarily in Libya in the case of imminent danger in order to protect the national security of both countries.

    ''The Chamber of Representatives, the only legitimate, elected representatives of the Libyan population and representative of its free will, welcomes favourably the speech by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi before the representatives of Libyan tribes,'' the statement notes.

    ''In light of the flagrant Turkish intervention in our country and the violation of Libyan sovereignty aided by the armed militias controlling the western part of the country, since the Arab Republic of Egypt is a strategic ally for Libya at all levels - security, economic and social - and the dangers of the Turkish occupation constitute a direct threat to our country and neighbouring ones, especially for Egypt, we are calling for Egypt and Libya to join forces to kick out the invader and preserve our shared national security,'' the statement said.

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