Noa says her next challenge will be improvising lyrics

Singer on tour in Italy with new album 'Afterallogy'

25 August, 12:10

    (ANSAmed) - ROMA, 25 AGO - It's impossible to stop Noa and her explosive creativity and not even the pandemic and consequent lockdown managed.

    She, while confined at home, has recorded the album 'Afterallogy' , in which she explores the great American jazz classics, with her longstanding musical partner Gil Dor.

    As soon as it proved possible, she resumed her indefatigable live performances and she will be at the Roccella Jazz Festival on Wednesday evening after a performance in Rome on Monday.

    And she has a plan for the future: "I'd like to improvise lyrics in a spontaneous manner - not like in jazz, where one improvises on the basis of set chords and rhythms, but with complete spontaneity. This seems the most appropriate way to react to what is happening around us." "I had an interesting COVID year," she told ANSAmed. "In addition to recording 'Afterallogy', after a long time I finally had a chance to spend time with my children. I also did something for Italy, especially Bergamo - concerts available in streaming from home to help hospitals. We raised a lot of money." On this tour, the Israeli musician is above all offering her latest album but is also exploring her vast repertoire - from a career lasting 31 years thus far - with special attention to Neapolitan music (to which in 2011 she dedicated the 'Noapolis' album) with such gems as 'Era de Maggio' and 'Alla fiera di Mast'André'.

    "I adore Neapolitan songs. I made that album because the world simply finds them fun. Instead, this is extraordinary music that should be more widely known. For example, I very much love the villanelle (ancient genre of popular music that began with only vocals in Naples, Ed) . The public went crazy. And of course 'Beautiful That Way', from 'La Vita è Bella'. In Rome, Nicola Piovani came to visit me - a great musician and my close friend - and he suggested a translation for 'Afterallogy', 'Dopologia', which I find very beautiful." It is a friendship that is also artistic collaboration: in 2004 the two performed together in a historic concert in Delos, a Greek island that has been uninhabited since antiquity and is near Mykonos, putting on stage 'L'Isola della Luce', written by Piovani with lyrics by Vincenzo Cerami.

    Over the course of her career, Noa has played and sung all across the world, in front of many different nationalities, and considers communicating with the audience important and not just the music itself.

    "My Italian is not perfect," she said, "but I got help in saying things in Italian during the concert, which I read. I believe that this creates a special bond with people, hearing one speak in their own language." After the tour, will she take a break in Israel for a while? Not Noa's style: "I'm thinking of recording a new album in the next couple of months." (ANSAmed).

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