Libya: Haftar drives NOC against Central Bank, analyst

Uses ambitions of Sanallah to break axis Dbeibah-Central Bank

21 April, 17:51

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 21 - The rift between Libya's National Oil Company (NOC) and the Central Bank blocking the oil terminal of Hariga centers around the political aspirations of the president of NOC Mustafa Sanallah who, backed by eastern Libyan leaders like general Khalifa Haftar, is trying to spoil an alliance shaping between the bank's governor, Seddik al-Kabir, and the premier, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, according to a well-known Libyan analyst, Tarek Megerisi.

    "This development is a weather vane" which indicates the direction of the wind "for Libyan politics now that the honeymoon period with the government of national unity is over", said the analyst of the European Council for foreign relations (Ecfr) in a text for ANSA.

    "The president of the National Oil Company has had political ambitions for a while and he tried to take a similar step last year but failed and ended up politicizing his institution", claimed Megerisi, adding that this brought change in the "role of oil minister", which was given to Mohamed Oun, "by whom (Sanallah) now feels threatened".

    "Comforted by a certain political support from Haftar and (the president of Libya's parliament) Aqila Saleh in the east", Sanallah "made this move" to block the terminal in Hariga "to exercise pressure on the unity government and hinder good relations forming between the governor of the Central Bank, al-Kabir, and Dbeibah", noted the analyst.

    "This union is perceived as a threat by Haftar, Aqila and Sanallah, who last year had worked intensely to get rid of Kabir", concluded Megerisi.(ANSAmed).

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