Gaza: Egyptian mediation was a success, analyst

Dentice (CeSi), Sisi can claim central role

21 May, 17:38

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MAY 21 - An analyst at the Center for International Studies (CeSI), Giuseppe Dentine, has said that Egypt's mediation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been a success. "The Egyptian mediation has been fundamental in preventing the military confrontation from taking unpredictable trajectories", Dentice said. "In this sense, the action was a success, as also proven by the official endorsement recognized by the United States. This is also due to the fact that Cairo is the only actor able to influence or have a voice, as already occurred other times during the last 15 years of tension between Israel and Hamas".

    "An important voice" to be heard "especially by Hamas' men who are more connected to Egypt as an interested interlocutor.

    This diplomatic action can be a success from an international perspective" for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah "al-Sisi, as he can claim a renewed ability to influence the country on an historically relevant dossier in which he was surpassed by various actors over the years (like Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), succeeding in stressing the force and centrality of Cairo's ability to mediate in the area of Middle Eastern crises, especially those that are more relevant for Egyptian national interests", said the head of the "Desk Mena" (Middle East and North Africa) of CeSi.

    Although the "substance of the truce reached will not bring to a change of perspective or to fundamental transformations in the conflictual dynamic between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza", the "great Egyptian bet in this mediation consists in showing that it still is a necessary and relevant actor in dynamics of the area, despite attempts of marginalization and multiple drives coming from other projects like the Abraham Accords", Dentice told ANSAmed. Such accords "led Egypt to play on the defensive and to recognize the positive value of a potentially huge strategic design that is however able to damage the very ambitions in Middle Eastern foreign politics of the North African country", also said the analyst.(ANSAmed).

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