Tribute to 10 literature greatest writers in Algiers subway

12 June, 17:16

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, JUNE 12 - It is to be quite an interesting but also fascinating location which will host Algeria's tribute to ten of its greatest writers.

    In occasion of the fifth International Festival of Literature, the subway in Algiers will host an exhibition named ''Ten stages in Algerian literature''.

    The founders if modern Algerian literature, as APS anticipates, are Mouloud Feraoun, Mohamed Dib, Kateb Yacine, Mouloud Mammeri, Malek Haddad, Abdelhamid Benhadouga, Tahar Ouettar, Abou Lad Doudou, Re'da Houhou and Moufdi Zakaria. Next to the exhibition will take place another interesting initiative the publication of a book which includes some of their most significant words, in Arab and in French, all of which is visible for the small cost of one subway ticket. (ANSAmed).

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