Cinema: Marco Mueller joins Tahrir Sq. protest against Morsi

'I will be there with my Egyptian artist and director friends'

27 November, 15:56

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, NOVEMBER 27 - Rome Film Festival director Marco Mueller will join Tuesday's Tahrir Square protest against the so-called Morsi decree with which the country's president has vested new powers in himself.

''I will be there this afternoon with my Egyptian director and actor friends. We are at a crucial moment for this country,'' Mueller, who arrived to preside the Cairo Film Festival jury, told ANSA. ''Understanding the dynamics of the protest in order to carry them into my jury's work is fundamental for me.'' The festival, whose opening was postponed to tomorrow for security reasons, ''has inserted itself into a space that is keeping Egypt open to the world. These few days will be important in understanding whether or not Egypt will be able to maintain this openness,'' Mueller explained. ''The arts and entertainment world is fighting hard to move on, to not miss this train.'' (ANSAmed).


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