From Italy and France 'musical bridges' for Palestinian kids

Program involved 5,500 Palestinian kids since 2010

28 January, 19:18

The evening of 'Music Bridges' The evening of 'Music Bridges'

(ANSAmed) - RAMALLAH - To build a musical bridge between the Palestinian Territories, Italy and France by promoting music as an educational tool: this is the objective of the 'Music Bridges West Bank, Italy and France' project.

Founded in 2010, the program has involved more than 5,500 Palestinian kids aged 6-9 years in the Qualandia, Al-Amari and Jalazone refugee camps, 130 Palestinian music teachers, and dozens of music teachers from all over Europe. Music Bridges also involved Italian and French elementary schools and music schools, organizing meetings and seminars in Europe and the West Bank. The project ended with the recording of a CD collection of 13 French, Italian and Palestinian folk songs.

''Music frees children's minds from the constant pressure of military occupation, giving them new tools to perceive reality, themselves, and their condition as human beings,'' Davide Amurri from Terres des Hommes Italy, which created the program in collaboration with Palestinian music association Al Kamandjati, told ANSA.

Music Bridges was sponsored by the EU and the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. (ANSAmed).