Mideast: 'Turkish Look' all the rage among Arab women

Inspired by Turkish soap stars, bushy eyebrows and natural looks

26 April, 15:38

    (ANSAmed) - ANKARA, APRIL 26 - As Turkey's enormously successful soap operas sweep the ratings throughout the Arab world, more and more wealthy men and women are turning to their plastic surgeons, demanding the so-called Turkish Look in emulation of their stars, local media reported.

    Inspired by the famous 16th-century Sultan Suleiman, the latest Turkish soap, 'Muhtesym Yuzil' (The Magnificent Century), has conquered the hearts and minds of viewers in 45 countries, from the Balkans to North Africa, from Greece to Iraq. Beren Saat, star of 'Ask-i Memnu' (Forbidden Love), and Tuba Buyukustunun, star of 'Asi' (winner of Best Soap Opera at the Montecarlo TV Festival), are currently the most famous Turkish actresses in the Mediterranean. Plastic surgeons agree that these actresses have beat out the Lebanese Singer Look, which used to be in high demand in the Arab world.

    ''Before, they wanted full lips, high cheekbones and small pointy noses, like Lebanese singers Haifa Wehbe or Nancy Ajram.

    Now they're coming in with photos of Saat and Buyukustun'', said Dr. Zekeriya Kul from the Dubai Plastic Surgery Clinic. ''Turkish actresses made the natural look fashionable'', he added. ''Patients come back asking for us to retouch their noses or to make their eyebrows thicker. Slim, slanted eyebrows are no longer in''. The same goes for men, who are now showing up with photos of male Turkish stars Ibrahim Tatlises or Kadir Inanir and saying they want thick Turkish-style mustache implants, which are now considered ''charismatic'', according to Dr. Selahattin Tulunay, another prominent plastic surgeon. (ANSAmed).

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