Syria: 'Assad's singers' make their voices heard

Reality stars side against possible U.S. strike

09 September, 16:56

    The Syrian singer Farah Youssef The Syrian singer Farah Youssef

    (by Virginia Di Marco) (ANSAmed) - ROME - A number of singers have sided with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad against potential US military intervention in Syria. With what local media have labeled as 'the attack of Assad's singers', a group of singers made popular by reality shows including Arab Idol and Star Academy has recently spoken out in support of Assad and against possible US strikes.

    Some of them, notably Nadiah Manfoukh who took part in the first season of Arab Idol, cancelled a tour in the United States saying the war in Syria is a domestic issue and 'no other country should interfere', according to local press reports.

    Before her Farah Youssef, who ranked third in the 'Arab Idol 2013' show - with about 10 million votes from Arab-language countries - took the initiative in an open letter to US President Barack Obama. 'Please, don't hit Syria, my country', she wrote. 'My heart is full of pain, like the hearts of all Syrians. Don't cause more pain'.

    The tweets of another Syrian starlet, Star Acedemy's Sara Farah, were on the same wavelength. 'I am only a singer and don't want to get involved in politics but Obama, you should be ashamed. Syria is not just any other country. Allah is with us and will save my soul, Syria, you are the entire world'.

    Though the political message of reality starlets could be laughed off, its impact on the public opinion in the Arab world is far from marginal. Last June al Jazeera said that Arab Idol 'is not just a reality show' but something different.

    'The show has a politicized mood as a consequence of the awareness following the Arab Springs', the network reported, citing a Palestinian diplomat. 'Participants are true ambassadors of their countries'. This explains why the winner of the latest edition, the Palestinian Mohammed Assaf, is today perceived as a political hero and why the position of 'Assad's singers' is relevant.

    Two days ago a very well known voice joined the anti-strike chorus when the queen of pop, Madonna, spoke out against military intervention. The superstar wrote a note, took a picture and posted it on Instagram saying 'US stay out of Syria! For humanity's sake'. (ANSAmed)

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