Egypt: 'Noah' to show in cinemas despite religious ban

Religious authority Al-Azhar opposed to representing prophets

14 March, 14:35

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MARCH 14 - The film "Noah" will be shown in Egypt despite the opposition of Al-Azhar, the main religious authority of Sunni Islam. The news was announced by the well-known Egyptian director Khaled Youssef, who chairs a committee that brings together all Egyptian directors, according to a report in the daily newspaper al-Ahram.

    "The artists respect the role of Al-Azhar against extremism, but were surprised by its position on the film, which is the reason the committee has decided to show it in Egyptian cinemas, as scheduled, since this film does not represent any offenses to any of the prophets," added Youssef.

    The committee then clarified that "a ban must come from the censorship committee; and extremism can be fought even through intellectual freedom and freedom of expression".

    A few days ago Al-Azhar reiterated a ban against figures representing the prophets, saying it is "an offense against the prophets themselves and the principles of Sharia (Islamic law), and constitute a provocation toward worshippers". (ANSAmed).

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