Mediterranea: cultural meetings kick off in Athens

Writers, intellectuals, artists:dialogue with expedition members

04 September, 13:18

    Mediterranea Mediterranea

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, SEPTEMBER 4 - Italy's scientific and cultural expedition ''Progetto Mediterranea'' left Benedetto del Tronto on May 17 to reach Athens on August 29 after sailing for three months and a half across 2,500 miles in the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas.

    Many members of the Greek cultural community have welcomed the invitation launched by the expedition, which will touch 29 countries in the area over the next five years to meet writers, artists and intellectuals from the Mediterranean, Black and Red seas to discuss ideas to confront this era's crisis.

    ''We are in Athens, for this first part of the trip, to listen to the voice of Greece from a number of its leading representatives'', said Simone Perotti, the writer behind this initiative. ''It is a privilege to be able to do so.

    Mediterranea's voyage through the opinions and visions of Mediterranean citizens registers here one of its most interesting stopovers. We are excited and ready to listen to ideas''.

    With the help of the Italian cultural institute in Athens, Simone Perotti and the Mediterranean crew will meet intellectuals both on board the vessel and at the institute's library as well as across cultural locations in the capital selected for the occasion.

    The first guests onboard Progetto Mediterranea will be Denys Zacharopoulos, artistic director of the museum ''Alex Mylona'' in Athens; Maurizio De Rosa, philologist and translator of leading Greek contemporary writers; poet and fierce intellectual Nano Valaoritis; Sotiris Chatzakis, artistic director of the Greek national theater; Christos Chatziiosif, director of the Department of modern and contemporary history of the University of Crete; well-known author in Italy Petros Markaris: Corriere della Sera editorialist for the Middle East Antonio Ferrari; activist Maria Peteniaki; Paris Sigalas, mathematician and aenologist who gave life to the wines of Santorini.

    ''Socratic individual dialogue will be our research method'', said Perotti. ''We feel like pioneers of a newly adventurous era in which the virtual is again a powerful tool of communication of what must be seen and met for real in order to be understood.

    Thinking, listening and then, taking action so that life doesn't lose its meaning so tales are not just the result of cutting and pasting''. Perotti also said the expedition brought a ''message of tolerance, peace, to listen. We feel and are citizens of the Mediterranean and travelers of the sea, a shared home''.

    A press conference has been scheduled on September 16 to present the Progetto Mediterranea at the Italian cultural institute in Athens. (ANSAmed)

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