Teatro dell'Argine lands in Tunisia with "L'Escale 32"

Opening Jtc in Matmata on Oct 9, closing on Oct 17 in Carthage

18 September, 13:54

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, SEPTEMBER 18 - The goal of building a path of theatrical research representing both a meeting space and an occasion to exchange points of view between Italian and Tunisian professionals pushed the Italian theatre company Teatro dell'Argine of San Lazzaro of Savena to create the show "L'Escale 32" with Tunisian Kun Productions,(under the auspices of Lassaad Jamoussi, director of the Carthage Theate Days).

    ''L'Escale 32'' will open the Festival in Matmata, in the south of Tunisia, on October 9.

    The show, written by Nicola Bonazzi and Ridha Boukadida, directed by Andrea Paolucci and Moez Mrabet, organisation by Stefano Salerno, tries to capture our modern living always on the edge between ideal and real, dream and reality, what 's true and what's plausible, good and evil, birth and death.

    It does so by observing the distortions, aberrations and flights from natural behaviour, based on two fundamental cornestones of the Italian and Tunisian literature respectively, two poetic works linked by the evocative theory of a lineage between Dante's Divine Comedy and the Forgiveness Epistle by Abu l-Ala' al-Ma'arri.

    The show will make the most of the natural stage offered by Tunisian archaeological sites such asMatmata, Cheneni and the baths of Antonino Pio of Carthage.

    It will be an itinerant show. These are the dates: on October 9 and 10 in Al Marhala, Matmata, on Oct 12 in Cheneni, on the 13th in Le Ksar, Médenine, on Oct 15 in Fonduk Al Haddadine, Sfax and on Oct 17 at the Baths of Antonino Pio in Carthage-Tunis. ''It's a beautiful heterogenous group. Almost 30 people between technicians and organisers".

    "There are dancers, actors and singers chosen after a careful selection and we work in three languages: Arab, French and a mixture of dialects from Bologna, Modena and Romagna" director Andrea Paolucci told ANSAmed.

    Paolucci added that the themes running through the work may seem ambitious (heaven, hell, good and evil, choice, free will) but, within the context of the show, these words become the stories of persecuted women, fleeing families, religious hypocrites. In the end no one knows if we are talking about Africa or Europe anymore".

    ''We just want to make good theatre, we are no heroes, we are here to prove nothing if not that with art we can pull down many walls and prejudices". "Young Tunisians we met are determined, romantic, democratic, Muslim, often secular and spoke four languages. They love their land and the freedom they regained and are ready to defend it whether in city squares or on the border with Libya and Algeria".

    "If there are heroes that's them, not us" concluded Paolucci. The Tunisian tour of the theatre company Teatro dell'Argine with Escale 32 was made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Festival of Theatre Days of Carthage and the contribution of the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis, Mibact, Emilia Romagna Region and the municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena.

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