'Gusto Kosher' Jewish culinary event back in Rome

15/11 at Ghetto; big-name chefs, Jewish moms and meatballs

13 November, 12:30

    'Gusto Kosher, or kosher taste, an event on Jewish cuisine, opens at Rome's ghetto on Sunday 'Gusto Kosher, or kosher taste, an event on Jewish cuisine, opens at Rome's ghetto on Sunday

    (by Elisa Pinna)

    ROME - The Rome Ghetto will on November 15 open its doors and gardens to the ever more popular Jewish culinary festival Gusto Kosher.

    For this year's edition, two renowned chefs have arrived from Israel: Tom Franz of German origins and winner of the 2013 Israeli Master Chef award, and Charlie Fadida, of Moroccan origins and Senior Chef of the Tel Aviv Sheraton. They will be flanked by masters of Roman-Jewish cooking Giovanni and Daniele Terracina and Dario Bascetta.

    The title chosen for the 2015 edition is 'Polpette e Hutzpà.

    Elogio della Jewish Mama' ('Meatballs and Hutzpà. Praise for the Jewish Mom'). Meatballs will be the main focus of the day. The menus will have Ashkenazi (typical of Central European Judaism, under Franz), Sephardic (typical of South European and North African Judaism, under Fadida) and Roman Judaism ( under the Terracina brothers and Bascetta) samples. 'Hutzpà', the second element of the Gusto Kosher 2015 theme, is a Jewish word that is difficult to translate but which refers to a mixture of arrogance, effrontery, audacity and anti-conformism. All are characteristics of the third 'protagonist' of the day, the figure of the 'Jewish Mama', who organizers say is at the basis of Jewish history and culture. Two weeks after the end of the Expo, food is once again in the spotlight, starting from the figure of the mother ''as a primary source of nourishment, affection and life''. Food samples and free kosher wine will be flanked for the entire day by musical events, workshops for children and debates with Italian and Israeli experts. In the morning, the chief rabbi of the Italian capital, Riccardo, will speak about ''food as the identity of the population'' with journalists and writers, including ANSA's correspondent in Tel Aviv, Massimo Lomonaco.

    In the gardens of the Grand Temple, there will be a roundtable discussion in the afternoon on the diverse traditions and approaches of Jewish mothers. One of the guests will be Rome Jewish leader Ruth Dureghello. Created 15 years ago as an event to try top-quality wines, since 2010 Gusto Kosher has grown as a wine-and-food event on the knowledge and tastes of the Jewish tradition. In 2014, over 5,000 people took part. The event is sponsored by Lebonton Catering and organized by Creativity Lab ICPO in collaboration with Food Confidential.

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