Archaeology: Jordan, Aphrodite statue discovered in Jerash

Statue biggest of its kind to be discovered

13 May, 15:21

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, MAY 12 - Archaeologists on Thursday discovered at the Roman city of Jerash a statue of Aphrodite, God of Love, believed to be the biggest of its kind unearthed so far, officials announced today.

    The discovery was made during a routine excavation by French and German archaeologists mission in cooperation with the university of Jordan, said Petra news agency.

    Archaeologists have discovered the statue in the eastern part of Jerash, a major Roman city that once served as the hub of the Roman empire. The discovered part is 154 height, representing the lower part, as archaeologists believe the upper part is expected to be up to one metre in length.

    The statue is known for its beauty and is considered the first life-size representation of the nude female. It depicts the goddess Aphrodite as she prepared for the ritual bath that restored her purity, discarding her drapery in her left hand, while shielding herself with the right hand. Her hands are placed in a motion that simultaneously shields her womanhood and draws attention to her nudity. Archaeologists plan further excavation and research to determine circumstances surrounding the making of the statue, which will be renovated and placed in the local museum in Jerash. Officials hope the breakthrough in the discovery will mark a major achievement in the excavation process in Jerash and would help attract more tourists to the struggling city. (ANSAmed).

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